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The Hold - Green- Performance 1.9 Scaler Tyre

The Hold - Green- Performance 1.9 Scaler Tyre

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JConcepts jumped out with a new aggressive tread pattern for the 1.9” crawling enthusiast.

The Hold was designed from the ground-up as a carved and chiseled design to handle a variety of scale off-road terrain. The large horizontal traction bars put a “Hold” on ranging features from dirt, asphalt, grass, mud, rock, and clay. At the tip of the tread, the downward progression starts and reveals another flat bar of gripping pattern to provide offset traction controlling attributes. During the bar transitions, an angular segment stabilizes and gives edginess to terrain at another direction to help the lift and cut through even more environments.

The 4.75” size remains a standard size in the successful fleet of tires which have size, detail, and still look girth appropriate for 1/10th scale off-road crawling machines. The sidewall lugging on The Hold is a thing of beauty starting with peaks set at the outer most constraints of the design. An alternating pattern of finely detailed tread steps in and out allowing a multitude of edging to stand out from the design. Inscribed drops of features are placed in an array pattern to promote more flexibility in areas of need.

Perhaps the greatest detail of all, the mimicked hand cutting details completely cover The Hold. The horizontal traction bars are back cut and steps down to the carcass and wrap around the sidewall in a forward progressing pattern. On top of the carcass itself, more surface removal is shown to bring out intensity. Beautiful lettering is bossed along the bead area placing name, sizing, and authentic logos in plain view but rested underneath the heavily modified tread.

The Hold comes standard in the grippy green compound and includes firm open cell inserts for plenty of inner carcass support. Look for genuine JConcepts logos, lettering, packaging, and rubber compounding before any purchase. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products. The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. JConcepts is, World Proven Innovation and Design – since 2003.

•Robust carcass, horizonal bar based, 1:1 inspired
•120mm | 4.75” overall size without inserts
•Cut and sliced lugs, stepping and recessed lugs for contortion control
•Super Soft, Green compound
•Staggered, drop progression center design for extra edges
•Sidewall lugs to peak width, alternating standout edging
•Forward progressing mock cut sidewall lugging
•Bossed lettering, tucked away below heavily modified tread
•Includes firm, open cell insert

(Fits - 1.9" scale truck wheel)

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