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J Concepts Ruptures-Green 1.9 CUT & SHUT SET (5 tires)

J Concepts Ruptures-Green 1.9 CUT & SHUT SET (5 tires)

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Cut & Shut 5 Pack of J Concepts Ruptures

The popular choice for Class 3 Cut & Shut builds, build your own (see video to see how easy it is) slim but tall class 3 tires, not as bulky as 2.2 Ruptures but taller than 1.9 Ruptures.

These are the tires to have right now, if you have never tried a set of these you are going to be amazed ! The ultimate "cheater tyre"

The super soft green compound grips like a monster, while the tall (125mm) profile JConcepts tire for 1.9” wheels tackles even the most treacherous terrain. The Ruptures are that extremely tacky yet versatile tire trailing drivers lust for. The design starts with a layout of individual “large islands” that react to directional and forward loading characteristics like a soft gummy candy. The long horizontal attack bars are connected with solid sidewall detail which braces the sidewall for the high impact situations. The center “mini islands” help maintain spinning speed and at half height provide some space to sling clean during those dirty trail runs.

The entire top level of tread has built-in cuts and recessing which provide a sharp edge. A sidewall radial rib connected with a dual position arrow help maintain stability and help the driver squeak out of a tough situation. The carcass itself is extremely pliable which conforms to the vast majority of obstacles. Inside the carcass, JConcepts features a connected “Y” loop ribbing design which blends carefully into the sidewall. The bracing supports the lower half of the tire while maintaining the upper flex characteristics.

The tires include a soft open cell foam insert capable of standing up the super soft compound but flexible enough for sharp terrain. Scale a path to JConcepts for that all important traction, consistency and all out performance from the company known for World Proven Innovation and Design.


  • Aggressive pattern and design
  • 125mm | 4.92” overall size without insert
  • Super Soft, Green compound
  • Large and Mini island directional tread
  • Horizontal attack bars
  • Hefty sidewall bar support and radial ribs
  • Y loop inner carcass ribbing
  • Includes soft, open cell insert
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