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Crazy Crawler

Crazy Crawler LaserFoam FT Pro 4.19 Basic 15

Crazy Crawler LaserFoam FT Pro 4.19 Basic 15

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LaserFoam 1.9 R106 FT Pro Basic 15 Class 1 for the modular tire insert concept
  • Specification: Basic (soft)
  • Outer diameter (serrated end): 4.02" (102 mm)
  • Inner diameter: 1.9" (50 mm)
  • Width: 0.59" (15 mm)
  • Weight: 4 g ea
  • Scope of delivery: 1 set = 4 pieces

FT stands for "Fitting Tire" and indicates that the crawler tire will be individually filled.

The tire will no longer be fitted with a single LaserFoam, but with various freely selectable ones. The basis is the hard red Spur-Master, which ensures maximum lateral stability. Depending on the grip required, the familiar "Heavy Duty" or "Basic" LaserFoams are added to the tire.

Crawler tire inserts have to master extreme lean angles, where hardness and stability are required, but at the same time !!! allow maximum grip of the tire, i.e. allow soft nestling to exist on rocks, roots or loose ground.

The innovative modular concept of the FT Pro from Crazy Crawler has been developed exactly for this and now opens up completely new possibilities.


Example: combination for a 37 mm wide tire:
37 mm minus 2 mm thickness of the sidewalls = 35 mm

10 mm Heavy Duty 10
10 mm Spur-Master
15 mm Heavy Duty 15
35 mm Total Foam Width


The selection of the FT Pro tire inserts is to be put together personally individually depending upon condition of the tire (stiffness, grooves and supports inside, material strength of the flanks) the vehicle weight, driving style as well as the area of application.

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