Collection: Flatgekko XC23 V1 High End Chassis

All-New Geometry Designed From Scratch

Based on the experience of the 200+ times podiumist Flatgekko C23 V1, V2, V2R LCG Chassis Systems 14 months ago we decided to open a blank document in Inventor and started to design an all-new high-end geometry. The result is the amazing Flatgekko™ XC23 High-End LCG Chassis System opening all-new dimensions in LCG scale rock crawling.

Reinvented Weight Distribution Concept

Reinventing the way we thought about the weight distribution was a key point in the product definition phase of the Flatgekko™ XC23 High-End LCG Chassis System. This process led to a brand new weight distribution concept with smartly forwarded motor and skid positioning. You better believe it performs like hell.

Brand New Dedicated Grind™ 431FW LCG OD Transmission

As part of the new concept we designed a dedicated transmission for the Flatgekko™ XC23 High-End LCG Chassis System. No compromises, just pure performance supporting the new idea around the XC23 platform by forwarded motor mount position while keeping weight as low as possible. The end result is the Grind™ 431FM LCG OD Transmission that will be available exclusively as part of the XC23 high-end chassis kits, won’t be sold as a stand-alone product. And boy, it kills so much.

13.5º Angled Minimalist Forwarded Skid

As part of the all-new Flatgekko™ XC23 High-End LCG Chassis System concept besides the advanced weight distribution model we aimed to get the highest clearance possible while still keeping the platform legal to all major global rulesets. That’s why the XC23 got a minimized skid pushed as forward as possible with 13.5º angled skidline to give amazing clearance on the rocks. And yes, it’s legal, baby.


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